Friends. If you're reading this, let me first say thank you for checking out my new website! I'm excited for you to join me in a new chapter. In an attempt to blog more often, I have added an official blog tab. You're reading the inaugural post! I'm excited about this, because I'm the kind of gal who either wants to post a picture with hardly any caption, OR write a thousand or so words- no in between. So, without further ado...

You may be wondering, why did I drop 'Ella Mae?' It's a solid name, why confuse everyone? Well, that's a good question, and one I've given lots of thought. I was born Katelyn Hannah Bowen. My mom had wanted to name a daughter that since she was a teenager. I always went by Kate. Dad's a Johnny who goes by John, Mom's a Virginia that goes by Gigi, and I'm a Katelyn that goes by Kate. It's kind of our thing, I suppose. They finally got it right with my baby brother... you can't really shorten the name Jed. Anyway, from birth to 15 everyone called me Kate... or Katelyn, but mostly Kate. Then, I began a career in music. Ya know, producer in a rock band, big deal manager, and the whole nine yards. I never wanted a stage name, but because no one thought Kate was memorable, it was thought to sound kind of "old" for a teenage country singer, and because there was literally another Kate Bowen or two... I became Ella Mae. It's a family name belonging to my great-great-grandmother, a german lady. A moonshiner. A seller of Avon. I didn't know her, but I loved her... and it stuck! 

For two years, give or take, I had a lot going on. I had a long, confusing, and ultimately not very glamorous (or productive) 15 minutes of fame. At the end of that whirlwind, I was a songwriter, nanny, and a barista wondering what in the heck I needed a stage name for. 

Alas, times and tables have turned multiple times since then in the winding road of God's plan for me. I've had a publishing deal, a major cut, released music... and now I just signed a new deal that feels like the very best fit yet. Still, I kept Ella Mae around because it was tied to so many things. But now... now the trajectory of my music and life is ever so slightly more clear, peeking out of the abyss. I'm married now. I feel like a real writer in a room of other creatives. I am working on music with very little outside/ industry input that feels very purely like "me." It leads me to ask the question. Who is "me?" I guess I don't completely know yet, though I learn a little more each day. But I do know one thing... my name is Kate.

It will be a little confusing at first, but it will be worth it. I thank you all for sticking with me. 

So much love.

xx kate